I am Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Human Ecology at Penn State, with faculty appointments in Penn State's Dept of Anthropology, the Huck Institute's Ecology Program, and the the dual-title PhD program in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Environment. I serve as a Principal Investigator in the Human Environmental Dynamics Lab (HEnDy) at Penn State, part of a growing interdisciplinary initiative to support research into the interaction between decision making, social organization, ecosystem function and sustainability. My interests are especially in questions about livelihood decisions and Indigenous lands, exploring the dynamics of human hunting practices, their role in ecosystem function and their archaeological implications. My research is based mostly in Western Australia, where I work closely with Martu, the Traditional Owners of a large region of the Little and Great Sandy Deserts. Click here to download a booklet detailing our work with Martu. 

HEnDy Lab foci

  • Human behavioral ecology
  • Complex socio-ecological systems
  • Livelihoods and sustainability
  • Ethnoarchaeology
  • Gendered subsistence strategies
  • Fire ecology
  • Evolution of cooperation
  • Social signaling
  • Mathematical and computer modeling
  • GIS and remote sensing 

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